Information Technology
Architectural Design process
How could the architectural design process itself
be a teameork in the realtime design? Regardless
the shared understanding, developing of
idea, data analysis what about the main theme of
the design process The "decision making" how
could it be a group task in the conceptual
design? Does it lead to mathematical prototypes
through algorithmic analysis?
Mohamed El-Sibaey
Response to Architectural Design process
We have been educated that the design process could be a team work through some group interaction techniques such as brainstorming sessions. You might want to read some of the literature that was developed in the sixties and seventies. Specific answers can be found in Henry Sanoff's Methods of Architectural programming. In the conceptual design stage, design is also can be conducted in teams by utilizing design games such as spatial layout game, visual preferences game, and others. Members of a team can be involved in the decision making part by providing thoughts on the consequences of the decisions, and this is a team work, where the ultimate goal will be to reach consensus on decisions among the design team members. This process is practiced heavily by many community designers, where games are utilized as facilitating technique.
Ashraf Salama


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