Information Technology
Design experience
In the digital ERA, how could Infomation
Technology improve the Architectural Design
Experience in the mid world?
Mohamed El-Sibaey
Response to tech & mid world
i have not understood from that mid world: if it is the middle east world, than it will be better to say that of todays world, 'cause of the internationalism and globalisation.
To me information technology is a subject of todays era and architects and institutes wiil not come over to this it will definately disturb the profession of Architecture, and the design and construction work will shift in the hands of engineers and computer technical persons very soon, as it happend at the time of industrial revoulution
Well by over coming to it the readily available things on your door steps will be the point of change.
Muhammed Atif Shaikh
Response to Design experience
Well, I'd consider 'mid world' as that category of the world's societies that is not completely overwhelmed by IT, and at the same time which is still retaining particular concern about traditions and cultural realities. In this sense, the architectural design experience would appear as a conscious experience that is aware of the importance of being close to the grounds, of being able to express and present its cultural dimensions. This will keep IT in its right position: a tool in the hands of the architect, the planner and the designer. However, as much as the tool can provide a useful and more accurate craft, it would help improving the production.

In other words, we can rely on IT in archival, sorting and retrieving architectural examples and features particular to each region, culture or climate. This may help saving time and effort of searching, but it would never improve creativity, innovation or originality of architectural expressions. It is a tool that we should effectively use, not to be used by.
Mervat El-Shafie


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