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Estimation of Steel for a house construction
Is there a thumb rule to calculate the steel required for the foundation and plinth construction in RCC and to calculate steel requirements for the above ground RCC construction excluding plinth and foundation?
Narendra Markale
Estimation of Steel for a house construction
as allways there ia a rule that for simple load bearing rcc we consider 1.4kgs per sq.ft.economical but 1.6 is span /load increase weight increase but best is provided by structural designer at specific site.
Dushyant Nathwani
Estimation of Steel for a house construction
When I got in for the first day of work, I noticed the following posted to the partition of my workspace:

Stairs: 120 kg/m3
Beams: 160 kg/m3
Columns: 270 kg/m3
Slabs (275mm thick): 130 kg/m3
Retaining wall: 120 kg/m3
Foundation: 90 kg/m3
Coffer slab (700mm thick): 175 kg/m3
I'm not quite sure whether the above was a guide for estimation or if it were the averaged steel quantities of particular structures over a certain period of design practice.

Back home, structural designers make the effort to calculate and show the number and sizes of bars in their drawings BEFORE the building is constructed. Here however, it seems that the practice is to start out with a provisional sum and refine it to the actual costs as the project progresses. (I don't suppose this is effective if you are truly conscious of controlling the cost of construction. But then again, it all depends on the strategy of the developer and their managers.)

But what I'm trying to suggest is that so-called "rules of thumb" vary from practice to practice, and from place to place. Perhaps it's best to touch-base with your local professionals for guidance.
Jofer Magsi


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