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Is poverty here forever?
We all talk about ending poverty, so many things are being done to stop poverty but why is it that it is increasing and not decreasing? Why is it that wars are not discouraged, and when in action they bring total devestation for the country and it's people?!
Gulshan Ali
Is poverty here forever?
Wars are a failure of civil society. Though we live in turbulent times, we are far better off than our ancestors were. They had to survive day to day, had to fight hordes of diseases and natural disasters, and would fight wars for much less justification and for reasons that seem incomprehensible to us today.

Generally, society has improved, though for those of us here today, it may seem that we are facing a world in chaos. There will always be rich and poor (relative to rich), but the causes of poverty can indeed be tackled. These include, education, illiteracy, access to clean water, human rights, and equality for women and minorities. It just takes political will. When societies have the trillions it takes to fight a war, but cannot feed or educate its population, this is a lack of will on the part of politicians and also their constituencies to push the right agenda.
Shiraz Allibhai
Is poverty here forever?
Exactly: One of the reasons for the sustained poverty in many parts of the world is that many development projects address poverty in a very narrow sense, which is "limited income" and concomitantly "limited food." As Mr. Allibhai puts it. It means limited resources,, lack of access to education, lack of access to health facilities, lack of access to clean water, lack of democracy, and inability to play an active role in society.

The United Nations among other organizations has declared 1996-2007 as the world decade for the eradication of poverty. In response, the International Union of Architects organized an international ideas competiton on the "Role of Architects and Architecture in the Eradication of Poverty." the results of this competiton are published in a book available for purchase from the UIA in Paris, and also the winning projects are posted in the UIA website.
Ashraf Salama


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