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architectural data base
im looking for an easy to deal with software to start preparing a database with many variables and different search approaches, for example by year built , or city, or style. I also would like to add pictures, papers on the subject, related books/articles and in which libraries in my country they would be available, etc.
Shifa Zghoul Haddad
architectural data base
A well designed MS Excel sheet with exhaustive column-titles would be more than enough.

3 steps:
1--collate all the information in well-designed folder-structure (folders and sub folders)
2--create an Excel Sheet with an exhaustive series of column heads;
for other contents(pictures, papers on the subject, related books/articles etc) for an entry, create links in the column relevant to that entry in a particular row.
3--keep all of these in tne same folder; with the Excel sheet at the uppermost level.

To search on the basis of a criteria; simply sort the column suitably which has the search criteria as heading.

You have your own software ready.
P Das


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