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Pre-fabricated RCC walls
Here in India, pre fabricated rcc wall panels of size 2'x10' and thickness 2" and 3" are being promoted for use in building construction and I have seen some of them. They are really quick to build and save a lot of time and energy. I would like to know if they are suitable for permanent structures as they are being used here for temporary use of 4-5 years. Would there be any seepage of moisture during rains? One more question is would they really be environment friendly, as there is tremendous use of cement.
Jaya Susarla
Pre-fabricated RCC walls
2" to 3" give no climatic comfort in desert climats like Rajasthan or Kutch. See the book of Koenigsberger about climatic design.
If you want to built ecological, look into improved traditional building methods.
Slab roofs often have problems with regard to watertightness and the reinforcement rusts over the years.
Norbert E. Wilhelm
Pre-fabricated RCC walls
They should always be thermally insulated somehow. Plain concrete leaves you exposed to temperature changes, much more, if exposed to the sun, increases discomfort. Joints should always be closed/waterproofed.
On the other hand they contribute to much stronger contructions (if stell reinforced) than many other materials, they will last for decades, they are not so expensive.
So the best is a combination of materials, some for strength and longevity, other for insulations.
It is not so bad for the environment. Less than most industrial materials, but of course more than natural ones.
Alcis Papas
Pre-fabricated RCC walls
The country where human kidneys are sold in open market ,what is gaurantee that the cement ratio's could be cared for.Plus let me remind you that there is going to be a contrast of permanance in sun dryed reinforcments or mechenically assisted [this will prove better] reinforcement..
Sher Saddozai


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