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Question about file formats for AutoCAD
I have a question, and I'm hoping I can get some help here.

I am working on a project for a company that manufactures interior trim and moulding. We will be making images of the trim available to interior design firms, for use in their proposals. I need to know which formats do you use in your AutoCAD?

Thanks so much for any responses.
Jane James
Question about file formats for AutoCAD
I am not an AutoCAD authority, but I believe you can save the images as jpeg, gif, or tiff files. These can be imported into AutoCAD and traced over to create .dwg line drawings.
Shiraz Allibhai
Question about file formats for AutoCAD
hi janes!
u need to mention whether u are interested in 2d drawing or 3d drafting on Auto CAD.
if its about 2d drafting/drawing of objects, u save the file in Dwg format. then , to further render it on some graphis editors/photoshop/coreldraw etc., u can export ur dwg file into a rasterised format through "print"command. i cant remember exactly the root, but u brows through various print/printsetup options.
if it is a 3d model, there are two ways of exporting ur drawing in jpg/tif/gifetc formats:
1. render ur model in autocad itself with textures/colors/lighting etc. it will itself give u options to change the model drawing intto those formats.
2. a better way of rendering 3d images is via 3Dstudio max or 3Dviz etc. for that u need to export ur *.dwg file to 3Ds format through file menu.
then further import the same filr in 3dstudiomax. it will be saved in *.max format. now render the model with colors/textures/lights and it will itself ask u for the desired fotrmat u want it to save in:jpg/gif/tiff etc.
P Das
Question about file formats for AutoCAD
hi janes,
well i got the right commands:
go to file-plotter manager
add plotter" 1"
now u can convert ur autocad drawing into an "eps" format.
this can be edited on any graphic editor. adobe photoshop gives nice results.
P Das


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