Building Technology
The Relevance of Traditional Building
The relevance of good traditional building is that it not only allows us to celebrate our past technological achievements but also study and understand the primary mechanisms which guarded the design of the particular building. For example we can learn from traditional buildings why certain materials were used (usually because they were readily available locally), the science of the material - its aesthetics, constraints, structural properties, etc.

How can we go about in developing modern solutions from our traditional building materials?
Ruqayya Tofa
The Relevance of Traditional Building
please let me to have against opinion with some part of your writ.
Against the usual belief, I think that availability & constraints are n't the main reasons of using local materials in traditional architectures.
Let's see the problem from other view point:
Modern Human wanted to change the nature for a better form. Nowadays he replaced the Nature by his better forms: polution & enviromental crisises! But Traditional human,who loves nature not for his benefits, believes in cosmos as excellent system & perfect order(in Islam:"nezam alahsan" means the best system). He did n't want to change it because it is the best order.So he tries to be more consonant with the best order!
Thus modern human is restricted in his limited desires that result boring uniform "International style" for allover the world! but Traditional human,through the nature, has innumerable different choices, which result in distinctive architectural buildings around the world!
Yes,architecture is the mirror of the life & desires!
Let's look up it:
Oh!who we are?!
Mahdi Raeisi Nafchi


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