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Architecture, an index of cultures!
Can architecture be called as an index of cultures? I think yes because some historic buildings or monuments can represent a civilization or a history for example; the pyramids, the pantheon, the Greek and Roman temples,etc. Buildings in each country are built according to their cultures. Beliefs, traditions, materials, morals influence on the architecture. So what is your opinion?
Rehab Ibrahim
Architecture, an index of cultures!
Rehab, salaam -

It is not so much that architecture can serve as 'an index' of civilisations, as it is that architecture does, in fact serve 'iconic' functions over time, acrross cultures and societies.

Sure, we see "traditions, materials and moral influences" reflected in archaeology - but this becomes only a window, often polarized (as with sunglasses!) for historically temporary reasons, often political, social. When windows are kept clean and clear, the human utility of ancient structures becomes apparent communicating to us, in this age values, almost eterrnal truths (at least for humans). This is why preservation is so critical within humanities study.

The pyramids, the pantheons and temples - all attest to the long experience even in their time-wrought ruin. As such, they are part of the highest, most lasting form of global communication: Architecture.

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
Architecture, an index of cultures!
Thanks Anthony Stewart for your opinion. I liked it.
Rehab Ibrahim


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