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Japanese restaurant
I am designing a Japanese restaurant for my college curriculum. I'm not sure about the main theme for focus that one can derive from Japanese culture in the design.
I also wonder whether the traditional Japanese culture is a better concept for restaurant design, or if instead the modern technosavy Japanese culture is more suitable.

Views are warmly welcome.
Rahul Dixit
Japanese restaurant
Your project is an interesting one, you should get inspired by the lovely interiors created in the resturant design business. Personaly, I would go for the modern style that has the Japanese traditional elements. Bamboo, paper, glass, oh the list is long and the materials you can use are amazing. Do not forget to play with colors too.

Good luck.
Zainab Nakshabandi
Japanese restaurant
Dear Rahul,

Interpreting culture in design is a very difficult and serious task, especially in a restaurant. It is all about the meaning and ambiance of a place. An inaccurate interpretation will not only lose its relevance, but also cause serious misunderstandings and disrespect to the culture. My sincere advice to you is to study the culture well before making any assumptions on it. In the case of restaurant design, study the food (in terms of their ingredients and art) for they do not only carry deep meaning but are also a unique art, equivalent to the likes of the paper folding art of 'origami' and the design of the national dress, the 'kimono'. Do not simply submit to the styles of the mass; create your own style and interpretation based on your own understanding. That should bring out the uniqueness of the design. Let's hope it doesn't look like another fast food 'sushi' restaurant......

Good luck

Azlaini Abdul Aziz
Japanese restaurant
From my view,

I will consider the location of the restaurant, if the restaurant is located in Japan then I will use modern of japanese style. If the restaurant is located in western country then I will design more in traditional japanese culture.
deleted user
Japanese restaurant
Japanese restaurant is an specialized field of hospitality design. You better search the the company Super Potato they are specialized in this field.

Runddy Ramilo
Runddy Ramilo


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