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Islamic architecture in interior development

I would like you to share with me your understanding about how far the decoration of Islamic architecture has influenced interior development. How far do you think Islamic architecture has become a part of the interior design process?

Thanks everybody for sharing your ideas here with me.
Mohd Azhar Abd Razak
Islamic architecture in interior development

I guess if you see Surat al-Zukhruf in the Quran and its Tafseer you will see the use of decoration in daily life including the interior development.
Moreover, there is a book in Arabic called "Al-Amarah fi al Kitab wal Sunna. By Aba-Alkhiyl who is the founder of 'Al-Bina' magazine in Saudi.

Good luck,

Farida Mohsen
Islamic architecture in interior development
Being MUSLIM we should have a clear vision about art & design.ALLAH has allowed us to explore art as HE is ALMUSAWWIR and man is HIS nayab(assistant).New innovative experiments have been done in the art of calligraphy but very less in other subject & topics.The essence of sprituality,peace,love& beauty we find in the phillosophy of ISLAM is the basic element to paint.Very less importance has been given to understand the difference between art and craft.
Masood Khan
Islamic architecture in interior development
My personal point of view:
Being a Muslim should clear about all the characteristics for Islamic art and design.
But being a designer should be very sensitive toward all kind of art & design in different cultural, history, religion or races��
As I know, the interior form & shape mostly in foliage, as Muslim deeply believed animals or humans form doesn��t show the respectful to their god. Thus the interior decorative remained mostly in foliage, geometry, pattern form and shape.
Some structural develop to serve the functional purposes. Back to few decades ago, without any advance technologies support, the dome ceiling in the interior use to bounce back the sound, and the pinnacle tower use to called people from far away for praying, but nowadays our technology allow us to use speaker, thus the dome & pinnacle tower remained as their iconic structural & to beautified the building.
As a Chinese, I��m not sure how true it is��. I would appreciate very much if any friend can comment on it and give your opinion.
Yg Hui
Islamic architecture in interior development
Alsalam Alekom,

With the name of ALLAH, i would like to say something, it relates to the interior decoration or embellishment of islamic architecture, and by the way let's open a short issue about the painting in islam.
There is a weak hadeeth belongs to the prophet Muhammed(pbuh) says that "ALLAH GAMEEL YOUHEB ALGAMAL", so this maybe a push to tempt all artists and artisans to decorate their merchandizes and beautify the buildings of their periods.

ALthough, there is an account says that the second caliph (omar ibn il-khataab) said to the people not to beautify thier mosques so asnot to distract the prayer from concentrating his spritual task(salah), the patrons ordered the artists to decorate their buildings to be equal or more beautiful and gorgeous than the churches, and this took place in syria when the centre of islamic world moved to damascus and muslims encountered the gorgeouseness of christian churches, then this embellishment continued to be used in mosques all over the muslim world.

regarding the decoration of houses, qasr el-mashatta and khorbet el-mafgar are enough to show us the richness of decoratins.

the prohibitions of painting are somewhat obscure, but we are now as a muslims sure that the painting of human or anmial figures are prohibited, if we put this point in our consideration together with the fancy of muslims in geometric patterns and the geometry itself, that will ne enough to tell us the reason of increasing the geometric and foliage patterns as a replacement of human and animal figures which are definitely prohibited.

(i am afraid to translate the hadeeth which i mentioned above incorrectly so, i friendly ask mrs.Farida to trans. it).
Waleed Akef


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