Historic Preservation
Rani Sipri at risk
Rani Sipri mosque in Ahmedabad is, I hear, about to be partly destroyed by a new road construction and a protection movement has started, but information is still fragmentary. More details are needed urgently.
Yasuyoshi Okada
Rani Sipri at risk
True, Mr.Okada, I appreciate your concern. Yesterday the authorities met and are working out other solutions and I am of the opinion that the heritage building will not be affected. I am also a concerned architect like you, and not an official. My architect friend Debasis Nayak based at ahm. can help you. His cell no. is +91 9824O 32866.
Dushyant Nathwani
Rani Sipri at risk
I am pleased to inform you that we have temporary relief in this matter. The high court has put a stay on the demolition of both mosques. Hopefully, this will drive some sense into the people and the government towards appreciating historical monuments.
Vishwanath Kashikar


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