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Ice as a natural building material
The Ice Hotel in the Arctic will be built every autumn and winter under an extreme engineering and construction method which taps on the natural characteristics of ice - from the hardness of the ice to the jointings (melting and freezing back again). One of the processes was documented on the Discovery channel. That particular structure was inspired by the arch construction in cathedrals. Inspired by this project - the use of ice in construction - what other form of structures are possible? Discuss...

This project will naturally melt away back into the riverside in spring and summer. Nature is unharmed, and this is one of the most sustainable ways to live together with nature, even under an extreme environment like this. It is a brilliant idea and invention. How about an ice town which only exists for half a year? Would this be possible?
Maya Sanskrit
Ice as a natural building material
For those who would like to learn more about the ice hotel, here is a link to the official website:

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Ice as a natural building material
Imagine that these are the tools needed to construct an ice hotel...
Maya Sanskrit


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