Theory and Criticism
sacred geometery
I am very amazed by studying the reality of "Golden geometry" consists of Golden Spiral, Golden section, Golden Mean. These words have opened up a whole new dimension for me in Architecture. The universe and the hidden mysteries buried under layers of Mathematical reasoning, ever so unknown to the ordinary men.
Raheel Ahmad
sacred geometery
Mathematics is the language of both feeling and thinking. At the core of natural and supernatural existence is mathematics.
In mathematics we learn that the beginning is always the end (as well); that the process we go through in life seeking solutions in the material and spiritual realms is merely that of simplification of complex phenomena into �digestible� unit(s), and when this is done we find ourselves at the same point that we started. Life is a �thesis-antithesis-synthesis� cycle.
We can broaden our understanding of the complex relationships and phenomena in life by studying geometry in particular and mathematics in general. The secular and the spiritual can be united and understood as one.
Nyongesa Lemmy


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