Sustainable Design
What is green architecture?
It is a wide topic, and there is no end. Intelligent architecture is required now to protect our environment. How can we contribute in this mission which can protect our environment ?
Halak Bhatt
What is green architecture?
Undeniably, global warming/climate change is one of the current hot topics. This extremely serious issue not only affects human life but concerns the health of the world as well.
For example, within a few decades, there are places that will disappear due to the sea level rising up as a result of human behavior or activities, environmental pollution, chlorine wastage etc. However, there are actions that can be taken to prevent damage. Five threatened heritage sites are listed below along with the solution to the problem:

1. Maldives Island: minimize the release of carbon dioxide.
2. Machu Pichu, Peru: restrict site visits to only 500 tourists per day; authorities give instructions to the travel agents to control the tourist to decrease the rubbish and pollution problem.
3. Venice: control the pollution issue & pursue "Moses" project in building 73 floodgates, sealing the city from the sea to save Venice from sinking.
4. Cologne Cathedral, Germany: Forbid construction of any high density buildings around the area to preserve the building as an iconic monument.
5. The Crescent Moon Spring, China: supply water to the spring to avoid sinking from the desert.

We must take immediate action to secure our world. Obviously, the space planner, architect, & designer should take the initial attitude to guide the end user & form the system. Architecture is the profession with the best understanding in applying all the material & elements to the building. It helps to minimize the air pollution & provide quality space. In addition to this, residents should shoulder and bear the responsiblity to save our world.
A recent report released from London encouraged that city's residents to replace all lightbulbs with energy saving bulbs before 2010. This minimizes the heat released from the light feature. All kinds of burning, for example rubbish, candle, etc. is increasing the temperature. We should stop carrying out these activities.
Certain bodies like IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) & UN (United Nations) do their part in efforts to secure our life. It is equally important for architects & residents to play our role too.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed; hopefully, all the efforts will work to secure our life.
Yg Hui
What is green architecture?
I am not too sure if I provided the right info; please comment on it, as I am interested to know more about this issue.
Thank you very much.
Yg Hui
What is green architecture?
Visit, you will find it quite interesting. It's the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, which specialises in ecological design. Professor Fred A. Stitt is the director (and also a writer of many many useful handbooks), and i may say, he's doing a hell of a job there.
Like you said dear Halak, it is truly a wide topic, and saving our environment can be accomplished through intelligent and health-based design. Mother nature has all the answers we need, it's not that complicated. We just have to convince people that ecological design is a must, and in my opinion, better by far.
Demos Panayiotou
What is green architecture?
I am not sure if this is related, but I believe it's all about the choice of material in buildings. Here are some tips and articles for Green Building compliance claims:

Be able to substantiate a claim.
Make a distinction between the benefits of a product, the packaging, and the service.
Don't overstate your claim.
Don't make unqualified general claims.
Avoid misleading comparative claims.
Be clear on how much recycled content is used.
Indicate clearly how a product can be recycled.

Examples of unqualified environmental claims made by some building material manufacturers include:

  1. "Earth Friendly"
  2. "Environmentally Friendly"
  3. "The Product of Choice for Environmentally Concerned Builders" Consider degradable/biodegradable/photodegradable. products. Be cautious with compostable material.
    Clarify "Source reduction."
    Make sure a product is widely refillable.
    Look for "Ozone safe" and "ozone friendly"

    Here is another full article on material selection:

Walid Yousif
What is green architecture?
Thank you very much Mr. Walid , Mr. Yg and Mr. Demos for showing me direction regarding this topic. That will help me because I m going to join a Masters degree program in Environmental Planning at CEPT, India. Thank you so much to all of you.
Well, according to me, a few factors are responsible for environmental damage.
1) Rapid population growth
2) degree of pollution
3) percentage of solid waste
4) Haphazard use of natural resources (water, minerals, destruction of forest and urban green areas)
5) global warming
First we should resolve these issues.
Halak Bhatt
What is green architecture? Building
Walid Yousif
What is green architecture?
Another point to be noted would be the term itself " green design". It is often used interchangeably with sustainable design. Green design relates to a standard and is always relative to this standard while sustainable design aims to limit the environmental imapact to the greatest possible. So green design is "limited" in its very pursuit and objective.
Minu Agarwal


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