Sustainable Design
Mud and thermal performance
I am interested in the mud architecture in the Wadi Hadramawt valley in eastern Yemen, especially as it relates to the architecture of sustainable principles. Please help me find information and sources.
This is a brief description of Shibam city which is located in Wadi Hadramut and has been built completely by mud: The tallest house rises 29.15 m above its entrance on street level and 36.51 m above the wadi bed. This house has eight floors; many others have seven storeys if they are on low-lying ground, but the average is five storeys. (Lewcock R. 1986)
Tarek Jaber
Mud and thermal performance

Multi-storey mud buildings in the Yemen have one distinctive feature: there is a thin stone layer at every level which projects outwards and I assume protects the building from rainwater flows, although I assume rainfall is infrequent in the Yemen? :)))
Frank John Snelling
Mud and thermal performance
Thanks Frank.
Multi-story mud buildings in Yemen (Shibam) do not have stone on each level; there is only stone in the foundation of the building, its height around one meter. So the higher floors usually are protected from rain by white lime plaster.
In general, I hope to clear up any misunderstanding and request your help. Can you provide me with some information about the mud architecture in the world, particulary the Wadi Hahramur mud arch.
Tarek Jaber
Mud and thermal performance
It rains a lot in Yemen, almost all year round.

In the old days, mud and straw were mixed together using molds to make them look like bricks. More on Straw Bale buildings in this link:

Walid Yousif
Mud and thermal performance
Thanks Walid.
Straw Bale building is another topic and may relate to my topic by its energy saving process. Also, that method of mud-brick making is still being used to this day through construction methods in Yemen's continuing vernacular architecture.
Tarek Jaber


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