Historic Preservation
The Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne cathedral was declared under UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996 and in 2004 in "World Heritage in Danger" list due to nearby high-rise building and its visual impact upon the site. It was eventually removed from the list of 'In Danger Sites' in 2006. The authorities' decision to limit the heights of buildings constructed near and around the building was in order to secure the iconic building.
Does that work? Any problem with the high raised buildings surrounding the cathedral? It really can secure the cathedral from destruction without high-rise building.
Yg Hui
The Cologne Cathedral
Preservation and conservation are extremely important in Europe, especially in Germany when a lot of their historical cities, buildings and spaces were destroyed in WW2. Height limits are one of the urban design guidelines which are implemented to preserve the sense of place around the cities; inclusive of London, Paris, etc. There might be other supporting factors like effects of surrounding structures, etc. I believe high-rises can be built behind a historical piece, if it is aesthetically subdued, subtle, quiet and doesn't shout for attention as much as the jewel of the area. It's ok. Imagine a clean high-rise glass box against a lavish historical buildings - like the Louvre, etc. That is acceptable.
Maya Sanskrit
The Cologne Cathedral
It is hard to imagine how high-rise structures near the Koln Cathedral will not detract, if not ruin, a very important aspect of it.

As the final (if not supreme) example of the French Gothic style known as Rayonnant, the Koln Cathedral is a creature of light. The walls have been reduced to the smallest possible piers to support the maximum area of stained-glass windows.

Light reflected off the adjacent high-rise buildings cannot help but destroy the 'Heavenly' light these windows were meant to admit.
Daniel Owen


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