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Centre Pompidou
I'm a student at MIU University. I was asked to state my opinion about the Centre Pompidou and its context.This building is different in form because of the various service elements (electricity, water, etc.) are placed outside of the building's framework. In my opinion, this Centre does not complement the context, because it looks like a factory and not a library and museum. Also, the surroundings consist of houses and other buildings having similar design, therefore, in my opinion its content and form are not suitable with its function.
Rehab Ibrahim
Centre Pompidou
Rehab, The Pompidou Centre was designed not to match the context because it is a modern art statement. The inside out design of putting all the services on the outside rather than discretely tucked away inside is rather boring and yes it looks like a factory, as does the Lloyds building in London and both were designed by the same person.

The irony or joke of the matter, is that most of the people who have to live near and work in factories would rather not see similar designs during their leisure time. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Centre Pompidou
Exposing the building's services - the pipes and the structures was a strong & self-confident movement done by many architects. One of these raised flags were Richard Rogers's & Renzo Piano's Pompidou Centre.

I believe that they created a new landmark there in the Beaubourg area of the 4th arrondissement of Paris by this project, in addition of the colorful impression it gives when passing by this building.
More interesting as u know, is that he assigned each color to mean a specific function, from heating, cooling, structure and others.

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