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Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention

I am a B.Arch student and currently trying to explore the scope of using the vast sandbed left by the dying Yamuna River in Vrindavan. These areas have been used as a dumping ground or backyard by the holy city. Presently it is used for irrigation, but that too on a very small scale. During festivals and on other occasions (almost for the whole year) lots of people come to the ghats and temples and they face a shortage of basic facilities like accessibility, parking, sanitation, resting space, food and drinking water. Maintainance of roads and open spaces is also very poor.

I want to pull the crowds back here by giving them the necessary facilities and additional attractions using the vast open lands. Can you please inform me of the basic requirements for this and offer some suggestions regarding the proper way to proceed with these matters?
Abhi Tripathi
Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention
Hey Abhi,

Are you thinking about what the city really wants?

That is really nice.

The facilities you may provide could be like some ashram or meditation space at the banks of the river.

Or you may do riverfront development where you remove slums if any and provide them with good housing.

There are lots of options for doing a good thing.

So you can think about it.
Sanj Shah
Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention

There are some NGOs which are working on improving that region. Braj Foundation is one of them. You may explore it further:


P Das
Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention
Thanks Prashant. I spoke to the braj foundation guys. They have an office in delhi but it is under construction so they'll not be available for some time. But we are in contact through mails.
Abhi Tripathi
Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention
Hello Sanj,
I need to tell you that the site is totally vacant and is basically a dump yard. As the site is a floodplain, i am not sure about the possibility of doing any sort of permanent construction there. So please inform me about other sorts of usage for this particular area.
Abhi Tripathi


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