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Sculptural architecture
How does one distinguish between sculpture and architecture as both are 3-D and have materials to it? Can anything that is 3-D be called sculpture? What can be called sculptural architecture and not just architecture?
Nisreen Siraj
Sculptural architecture
Its true that both sculpture and architecture are 3D have materials in it well the most important thing is Sculpture can never be Architecture(example see the statue of liberty it is sculpture but it is not a architecure it just represent monument) Architecture can be Sculpture, many of the Architect give impotance to form just like Antoni Gaudi, and in modern Architect many r there like santiago calatrava(he is basicaly a sculptor always give building some unsual form where it looks like an animals)Frank O Gehry, Zaha Hadid (from deconstruction) any many others
Noor Ameena
Sculptural architecture
Architecture and sculpture are distintly defined!
1. Painting: Its 2D, you can look at it only from a single planar direction,

2. Sculpture: Its 3D:, you can revolve around it and see it.

3. Architecture: Its 3D too, but you can look at it from one planar direction, you can revolve around it and see it, AND IN ADDITION, YOU CAN ENTER IT AND FEEL IT.

This distinction is most important.
Unlike the other response that statue of liberty is a sculpture, i feel its a perfect juxtaposition of sculpture and architecture, because you can actually enter it!!!!

Sonika Kulkarni
Sculptural architecture
Nisreen, Sculptural architecture can be 2D in the sense that the planes of a building can be sculpted in 3D about each plane. For instance facades of ancient temples or tombs carved out of living rock are truely sculptural.

For myself I prefer my own definition in terms of solids and voids as (a) Exo-skeletal (outside the envelope plane) (b) Envelope plane structural and (c) Endo-skeletal (inside the envelope plane).

Giiven that modern design allows the weight of a building structure not to be on the plane of the envelope, then the structure becomes more skeletal and can be either exo-skeletal or endo-skeletal. Such as with the buildings which use non-load bearing glass walls for the envelope and columns to hold up the floors and roof.

Such design is not new in the sense that medieval large window walls with buttresses and flying buttresses are in effect masonary space frames. :)
Frank John Snelling
Sculptural architecture
Hello Nisreen,
In response to your question, I will argue that Art has been and still is, non-functional and so is Sculpture as one of its discipline. In opposition, Architecture, which prime goal is function, escape this rule, even when the of the building seems sculptural.
Sidney Miraz


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