Sustainable Design
Do microclimates really affect the design and construction of any structure?
Jee Rose Calderon
yes.natural surrounding the building effects the embient atmosphere inside it if the building is climate friendly i.e.not totaly closed and has openings to let the air in.
Dushyant Nathwani
There are too many studies on microclimates to dispute the answer to your question. That is - yes, but only if you let it.
Placing a building cladded entirely in black stone in the middle of a forest would set up a microclimate around it. By absorbing and releasing great amounts of heat, the building would basically create convection currents around itself. Not to mention, simply by being there, it will affect the direction of wind, rain drainage patterns and etc. It is entirely up to the architect/designer to incorporate and work with the resulting microclimate or ignore it by creating a hermetically sealed box. Reading any texts on passive cooling, solar manipulation and 'green' buildings will give you tons of concepts of how to bring in the microclimate. However, it is up to you how far it will affect the design and construction of any structure.
Zaihan Kariyani


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