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Contemporary mosque interior
I am a student of interior design from Pakistan,doing my final thesis on the contemporary mosque interior at Lahore. Actually Lahore is a city with marvallous,majestic monuments of the Mughal period,. Keeping the fact in mind that "architecture is the mirror of society or region ", please guide me how can I interprate that regional context of my region in a contemporary and innovative way.
Saira Sajjad
Contemporary mosque interior
You should look to the work of Nayyar Ali Dada who has built some wonderful buildings in Lahore, that are contextual and modern.
Shiraz Allibhai
Contemporary mosque interior
I believe there is much you can do in interpreting the regional context in a contemporary and innovative manner. However, you must first research and understand that which you are interpreting. You must be able to reproduce it before you can reinterprete.

It is only through that process that you begin to grasp the essence of that context. That way, you can create a mosque that is pure modernity in its choice of materials, colours and technology, but if you are able to capture the essence of the mosques that you are reinterpreting, one would not feel any different in your mosque as they would in one built in the Mughal period.

The most important question to ask in the end is - what makes a mosque? What defines the regional context you are talking about?
Zaihan Kariyani
Contemporary mosque interior
1. First, define the elements of a mosque in detail.
2.Underline elements that are particular to Mughal mosques.
3. Analyze climatic factors that will affect the mosque building.
4. Search for appropriate material which are economical in terms of maintenance, and most important of all, has a spiritual value, i.e., which are close to nature.
A glittering mosque will take one's attention away from God, etc.
5. Define clearly the function of different parts of a mosque, and workout its anthropometrics, if possible; it is something that needs to be worked on.
Mansoor Ahmad
Contemporary mosque interior
Salaams Saira,

Please read Dr.Omar Khalidi's article on Import, Adapt, Innovate, Mosque Design in the United States at

I think you would get good references and a methodology for approaching your research.

Meanwhile, let me know more in detail:

(Architect/Urban Planner/Airport Planner)

Naushad Tahsildar


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