Historic Preservation
Interpretation centre in India
I am student of architecture and I have chosen an "interpretation centre at an archaeological site" as my thesis topic.

Since we don't have such structures in India, I am a little bit confused in the selection of a site.

Earlier I was thinking about Hampi, and after that, Mandu. I am in search of archaeological or heritage sites which consist of a number of monuments, and it should be also surrounded by the same kind of monuments.

I am still thinking on Hampi and Mandu. Please suggest sites to me; I have chosen this topic to create an awareness of conservation of archaeological sites.
Shweta Thakur
Interpretation centre in India
hey shweta,
this is the same topic for my thesis studies too, but in egypt this time.
i've already choose the site.
can you contact me on my mail to exchange data & information& opinions?
Hayam Sha
Interpretation centre in India
hello shweta the topic is pretty good infact i also was intrested for this kind of topic for thesis,i think you should go for mandu b'coz in mandu you have to design for hat and dry climate and its quite easy besides that the site is also located on the archaeological map of India,well can i know that u are frm which coll?
well you also can refer to works of bv dosi he also had worked alot in mandu.
so best wishes for your thesis.
Lalit Kale
Interpretation centre in India
champaner in gujarat also can be there,architect karan grover may be of help there...regards.
Dushyant Nathwani
Interpretation centre in India
An interpretation Center was proposed close to Shore Temple, Mammalapuram; near Chennai.
I believe, it was commissioned to HUDCO.
You may want to explore that.
P Das
Interpretation centre in India
Yes I heard about Mamalapuram from a visiting scholar at Ball State back when I was a freshman in Architecture.,1370,-1019-42,00.html

She was this very cool artist/indian classical dancer and professional, who spoke about not just the conservation of the historical site but also about schools of art to perpetuate ancient techniques of stone sculpture. Her name was Sheila Sri Prakash and she is the lead designer at Shilpa Architects and Interior Designers in Chennai. I myself hope to intern at that firm - which i am learning, incorporates adaptations of environmentally sustainable vernacular architecture into large townships that they are planning across India. I am hoping to intern there/get some sort of work study arrangement with them to research a similar topic as part of my graduate thesis. Would be awesome to hear what site you pick. Good luck!
Lauren Durme


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