Theory and Criticism
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
The mind dictates everything.
The mind defines self
The mind influenced and be influenced
The mind is everything...

Do share your personal experience in understanding an individual's mind. We'll see how this will impact how others think of themselves and others - thus affecting our physical realm.
Maya Sanskrit
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
History repeats itself: in 2 centuries

Time: In the 18th century

Nusantara, home to a traveller
The Spice market of the east, land of wonders
Merchants from afar, gather for fortune, power and glory
Exchange of culture, religion, goods and more
Linen from India, Silk from china
Quran from middle east, Jewelleries from Africa
Some merchants reside, stayed on to breed
Then came the British, stripped of the locals
Implement standards, mannerism and so called; culture
Putting locals to the 'Lowest of the Low'

The traveller chanced upon, a quirky man
'tok dalang' as being called,
a look at him, there's a child in his eyes
Creating stories, create characters
Tales from influences, Ramayana from India
Telling a story, creating a world for the characters
Illusive land of make believe
Playing with his own wayang kulit
Against the flickering light
How illusive?
A name for the tok dalang; illusion maker

Time: In the 21st Century

A non-geographical space, savage to a wanderer
Discussion sites all over, a dosage of idealism
Surfers from everywhere, gather for dialogue of the minds
Exchange of ideas, gratitude, solitude and more
Chatting pages, messenger all over
Religions, science, ideologies and philosophies
Some become an administrator, stayed to monitor
Then came the one person, possessively in control
Implements rules, guidelines and so called; regulations
Putting others to the 'Lowest of the Low'

A wanderer chanced upon, a charismatic poem
'serdar anlagan' as he is named,
there's angst and explicitly in his writings
An expressive poem, out of context
In an architectural discussion page; of prestige indeed
His sorrow, sounds like a man in denial of love; betrayed
Mapping of his encounter
Rationalising their meetings;
Among many other fictitious participants' names
A forum?
A name for a schizophrenic, in a righteous man suit

Timeless : TRUTH, the ultimate truth

Create a story and play along with it
Almost like an act of 'talking to one self'
Only in one complex mind
Would juggle these
Like a clown juggling more than 3 balls
Performed in a circus
Eager for applause
Wanting to be liked

He is all alone

Why want affection from all
When all you need
is one true deep one
Quantity means nothing to quality
Find one good one,
believe in the myth;
Maya Sanskrit
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
Mind is a place in humans where thought occurs; logic has polarity, the engagement of thought has five ways: disturbed/bit of trienqiel/following one/trienqiel/bliss and id/ego.
Our[human] psyche is great, knowing is absolute. Wish you a great voyage of life.
Dushyant Nathwani
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
Games people play...

we are nothing but social animals
Maya Sanskrit
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
True, we are social animals as well people do play games, but when one wants to know self, mind games are as disturbing to oneself as well Society does not help. Knowing oneself starts from mind, and peeping within self brings out new us. Happy exploring.
Dushyant Nathwani
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
The mind has many facets...To get rid off the clutter, and seek clarity is I believe, one step in recognizing one's wellness in developing a sense of direction. We are social animals, therefore, we tend to carry a facade often times, but minus the facade, we can adopt a strong mind if we are to let go of unnecessary impressions or expressions...!
Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind

how many do u wear?
Maya Sanskrit
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
Frankly, many....of friend to friends, of husband to my wife, of father to my son and daughter-in-law, of architect to clients, of adviser to seeking guidance. As situation demands.....but take it from me, real me observes every move and reminds, hey, cool down, one fine day this body shall be no more and all this gone, so that is it.
Dushyant Nathwani
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
quote :
"...A wanderer chanced upon, a charismatic poem
'serdar anlagan' as he is named,
there's angst and explicitly in his writings
An expressive poem, out of context
In an architectural discussion page; of prestige indeed
His sorrow, sounds like a man in denial of love;..."

-- Maya Sanskrit, January 27, 2007


300. Trivial,
An inferior legal practitioner,
Underhand dealer,
With noise,
And firing,
An arrow at them,
Who lived in a swamp,
Light reveals the genius loci of a place,
As amenability to algorithmic checking of correctness,
Philosophy should provide,
Strict criteria,
For judging sentences,
True, false, and,
Because the multiple,
Parallel universes,

301. Private property of,
Strange and odd,
Fail to give proper care,
Or attention to,
Is a natural number,
Every natural number has a successor,
Is no natural number whose successor is,
Then it seemed like falling into a labyrinth,
Were at finish,
The way bent round,
And found,
As it were back,
At the beginning,
And just as far from that,
Which were seeking,
At first,
Ghost, mask,
The specters of spirits of the dead,
Is the process by which the combination,
Of genes,
Is an organism's offspring,
Becomes different from the combination,
Of genes,
In that organism.

302. Breaths,
Into dead things,
A kind of living voice,
The relatively sudden appearance of,
New species,
In a geologically short time period,
And the perhaps,
Lack of substantial change of species,
During their existence,
With long periods of little change,
In between,
The state of a body,
At rest or in uniform motion,
In which the sum of all forces,
And torques acting the body equals,
Distinct natural numbers have distinct successors,
Spread out,
A property is possessed by zero,
And also by the successor of,
Every natural number,
It is possessed by,
It is possessed by,
All natural numbers.
Serdar Anlagan
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
Humans are defined by their cultures not society. "Society" and "Sociology" are a "man is an animal" myths made up by anti-spirit French Revolutionaries. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

Correct or pleasing proportion of parts!

Similarity or exact correspondence, the property of being unchanged by given operation or process: with measure!

Fellow drinker!

A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network with set up an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity:



Devil to slander!

Clear of dregs, purify!
Serdar Anlagan
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
A state or society governed by the wealthy; an elite or ruling class whose power derives from their wealth!

The authority of wealth!

A strict Calvinistic religious body formed at Plymouth in Devon, having no formal creed or ministry and emphasizing an expected millennium.

A die for coining!

A person who watches at a show, game or other event, a visually striking performance or display!
To look; having the same end or result.

Suffer patiently!
Remain in existence!

Of little value or importance; denoting a subgroup that either contains only the identity element or is identical with given group, place where three roads meet.

A state of happiness based on not knowing about or ignoring potential trouble, causes to feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled.

Prevent from progressing, succeeding or from doing or achieving something; a person who exploits others ruthlessly, having no meaning.

Empty, without substance!


Correctness concerning standards of behaviour or morals;
A thing or things belonging someone, a characteristic of something:
Truly what something is said or regarded to be;
Serdar Anlagan
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
The Worlds Within

By Christopher K. Travis

I have lost myself
in the outward show.
I thought I knew,
but I did not know.

I have observed
the accords of men,
and mistook them
for the worlds within.

All my travail
and all my vexation,
seemed the result
of external sensation.

My job was the problem,
or was it my wife?
Perhaps my children
were the source of my strife.

"If my friends were more friendly,
and my neighbors more kind,
I would feel peaceful
and content all the time.

�I could be happy
if the sky were more blue,
if the sun came up later,
and the rain fell on cue.

"Out there," I insisted,
"is the source of my woe."
Like a moth in the night,
towards the window I strove.

Seeking the light
past that invisible pane.
I plunged towards the glass
again and again.

But even the most willful
must finally give in.
Surrender will come
to all men in the end.

After years of struggle,
flying hither and yon,
I at last came to rest
like the prodigal son.

That day, a strange voice
whispered in my head.
"Do nothing. Be still,"
were the words that it said.

Two days did I battle
with this mystic advice,
�til I was exhausted,
and tired of the strife.

At last, I despaired
of struggling �gainst the wind,
and turned my attention
to the cosmos within.

In the stillness inside,
I found joy and peace.
Where silence abides,
serenity I reached.

This life has currents,
like an ocean or stream,
and seldom is its course
quite what it seems.

Like sailors on lookout
for cruel rocks and ill winds,
wise men keep watch
for the changes fate sends.

Life's not out there.
It's all deep in here.
The worlds within
our innermost sphere,

wield nature's levers.
They turn timeless dials.
Such have jurisdiction
o'er this sad, mortal trial.

The night sky burns bright
with endless billions of stars.
Yet each atom of each sun
is a universe entire.

Man lives in the middle,
between great and small,
and must look deep within
to make sense of it all.

But, take not my advice
as I pen this poor rhyme.
After a lifetime of lessons,
no grand wisdom is mine.

Despite the sorrow it brings,
I will wander again,
from the silence that slumbers
in the worlds deep within.
Christopher K. Travis
Psychology: the well-being of an individual's mind
A subject or study or interest,
To companion of human being,
Fond of the word,
Ancient mass star,
Well supplied with,
Lofty life,
Women on earth,
Is the flowers of verse,
Because have no friends,
Consults a dictionary,
A hand,
Played against the rest.

Admires the vitality,
Rest of the world,
Focused on the subset of,
Necessary components,
But, stranger!
Who carry it,
A keystone,
On a scale of billions of years,
Then expand again,
And repeat the process,

Without mouth or face,(SHEPHERD-aria)
Yet all of them quite close each other,
Lower than all besides has thou,
Without mouth or face,
Those who hate devotion,
Looking backward,
The ver-watching present,
From now,
Who dwelt in darkness(.f.)
Without mouth or face,
They worshiped a sky-god,
They traced descent through,
Seven Lord of the brave.

Is a zero point in the present,
Looking forward to the infinitive future?
The one,
In which humans must struggle,
To stay alive,
With body-hair of the Earth,
I you,
You I,
The Spaceguard,
How many times did I tell you,
Stop dyeing your hair!
Serdar Anlagan


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