Conflict and Natural Disasters
Disaster management institute design competition

I am a final year student from Chennai. I would like your input on the mentioned topic: Concept ideas for disaster management institute, design competition.

Please do poll whether is it necessary to have disaster management institute, which would impart training to mass on emergency prepardeness that can help in times of disaster. Also specify on whether the design should be more on the traditional or contemporary side. Please specify reasons.

Please do take interest and reply. Regards,
Arthi Parmar
Disaster management institute design competition
Construction of concept can't be made without a thorough research. Dreaming of a concept cannot be rationalised without adequate reasonings. I would advise you to look into these few topics before coming to a concept:-
1. Brief formulation
- why do you need this building?
- who is it for?
- etc.

2. Analyse the existing context
- end users
- surrounding culture
- economic conditions (etc)
- physical realm
- materials and etc

the design can be of any language.

good luck
Maya Sanskrit
Disaster management institute design competition

Thanks Maya. I am looking to learn about the traditional materials with the surrounding context. But if would like to specify on any kind of requirements for a disaster management institute.


Arthi Parmar


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