Sustainable Design
Sustainable building design

My seminar topic is sustainable building design. I am interested in sustainable housing design, in terms of using locally availabe materials, labour costs, culture of that area and climatic considerations.

I'm not aware of any such sustainable housing projects going on in India. Also I want to know whether it is a topic worth considering from the architect's point of view.

I also have the option of going ahead with eco-housing or sustainable community design, but I'm not able to narrow down my topic.

I am also a little confused about whether the Belapur housing projects and Vikas apartments in Auroville, India are sustainable housing projects, or are they considered to be low cost housing?
neha kapoor
Sustainable building design
The topic is very much in... it is important to learn more on traditional materials to create a safe community. i think its a first step towards sustainability
Arthi Parmar
Sustainable building design
Think methodologically

1st :- look into the defination and scope of sustainable building design. This is an open ended topic and do prioritised on the objectives that you want to achieve.

2nd :- look into the idea of housing and question the current condition. How can you improve the situation? How can you design a different solution and etc? Look into precedents if there;s any, if not, no harm creating anything new. Unprecedented typologies are interesting as well.

3rd: Context & Time - do your site analysis, synthesis and etc. Look beyond physical realm as there might be some social and political issues that you have to deal with - rather than merely designing a physical space.

4th :- Explore options/ alternatives in design - don't fic your mind frame from the beginning.

5th :- try to get 1 proposal - if not, academic circle do accept series of alternatives or possibilities.

good luck
Maya Sanskrit
Sustainable building design
I am working in a quite similar topic. What I think is that you, in fact, are trying to work in the relationship between the building and the place. This deals with a lot of different topics such as vernacular architecture, the genius loci ideal, the primitive shelter and so on. I think you have enough for a seminar if you focus on all these relationships and the idea that the eco sense implies a deep attachment with the land. don't get lost in trying to find what all eco, passive, efficient, bioclimatic, etc., mean. There is a general international confusion about the meaning of these concepts.
Good luck!
Joana Alves
Sustainable building design
im nal year student of architecture doing my thesis topic in toward zero energy housing,ru having some stuff regarding that?????????
Piyush Verma


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