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Storage spaces in living-room
I have a hypothesis that I would like to check. Hypothesis is that storage spaces in living-room are decreasing �� i.e. cabinets, closets, etc. I would like to use such type of thinking further in research about identity. For example, living-rooms are more places of display of our identity. My basic field of knowledge is not architecture, so I would be most glad If someone could help me. I am interested in some kind of literature on thematic of interior design regarding topic of storage spaces.
Aljosa Silic
Storage spaces in living-room
pls. try to find a book in any library TIME SAVER STANDARDS for interiors,and you shall get the information you are looking for.
Dushyant Nathwani
Storage spaces in living-room
hi aljosa ,
apart from the above respone i would like to contribute a small suggetion - that u undersdtand the existance and the uyility of the furniture themselves as only then can u understand the identity of them.
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy
Storage spaces in living-room
hi Aljosa.
i realy feel that storage space for an interior of a living room is not at all wrong but at the same time it should also blend with the concept of the room anything anywere will not at all give a impact but should also fulfill once designers thinking and concept behind that, i can say u as am also an interior designer
Nadir Amlani
Storage spaces in living-room
I do not try to say, that furniture can not be used as promoter of ones identity. I am just referring to design with minimization of storage spaces in the sense of removing of "junk accumulators", to get clutter free design as a refuge from the disorganized world outside. This kind of thinking was characterized as sort of Zen materialism - "clear" environment for clear thinking. I am therefore interested in process of disappearing of furniture from living-rooms for that kind of purposes. Question further is what that means for our identity, because we promote our identity via our stuff. But that is another field of discussion.

I hope I've managed to explain more precise my way of thinking and by the way THX 4 all the responses, because all types of thinking supply my research with more dept and are therefore welcome.
Aljosa Silic
Storage spaces in living-room
I think your hypothesis may be correct with regards to houses designed for young professionals who are very much influenced by the trendy magazines that promote white interiors and minimalistic furnitures. This means that the place is devoid of personal items carry only the 'right' kind of decorative items. These rooms are not the projection of ones identity but of ones cultivated taste or the desire to emulate those perfect living rooms in home magazines.
You will find the opposite to be true in Japanese houses that are compact but still strive to have the 'clean' image. The walls in Japanese houses for example are mostly closets or drawers. Open any and they would be stuffed but just the right amount is on display outside. You easily get some feel for their personalities.
Companies like Crate&Barrel and The Container store have capitalized on the need for storage space while striving for the clean look. Look at their website and see their storage organizers. They are trendy and can be used as decorative items while still allowing for that little bit of personal clutter.
Mahjabeen Quadri
Storage spaces in living-room
dear aljosa.
the very basic concept of a living room has changed over time. now a days the industry has polished the interior with all attractive hues which give little importance to storage spaces.i would like to give u the eg.of traditional kerala houses in india.the courtyard served as a living room,where a family can relax and enjoy, and share their issues.(althoug a courtyard has emerged as a response to the climatic conditions).but now its rare to find houses with coutyards.the whole concept has changed with the advent of new materials and technology."less is more" or i can say "minimalism" is the present ternd.
c u bye.
karam chand nanta
Karamchand Nanta


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