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salaam alaykum,

Of course I was very intrigued by the announcement of the Architecture in the Humanities Database being organised through the University of Nebraska at, but then very disappointed at the few links available for Middle Eastern arts, particularly Islamic architecture.

They really need to augment their library. The only film clips available were from western, English speaking sources with little to offer from the Middle East. Very meagre offerings at present, but it looks like a flexible platform which may be expanded. This will be essential for any real humanities-based study of Islamic culture at the University of Nebraska.

If you have a lot of interest and more time, I would strongly urge you to contact the Architecture in Humanities project directly through the above website.

If you have only a little time, or if you are interested and have a little time, please contact me through Archnet to send me your favorite URLs, list of favorite Arabic language movies filmed at notable architectural sites. I will begin to organise a compilation.

With enough interest and permission we can perhaps then set up a group workspace to coordinate the activity through Archnet?

ma salemah!

Anthony Stewart
Help with Humanities Database
Hi Anthony,

If I remember correctly (from having looked at their introductory video about a month or two ago), architecture only plays a role in this database as a stage for events. In their words: "The connection is made by way of historical or fictional events that took place in the building and are also depicted in other works."

So, a mosque shown in a movie can only be added to this database if it is the stage (in that movie) for an important event, such as a landmark speech by a renowned preacher, which has also been described in other works (books, chronicles, poetry, etc.)

This rule greatly reduces the number of examples that can be produced.
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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