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An Open Source Movement in Architecture
I have been working on a software for designing architecture since 1989. It has now grown up and matured quite well. I hope to start an open source movement in architecture around that software.

The premise is as follows: The Free and Open Source movement in software has helped develop socially responsible software. That has happened because the internal representation of IT problems (i.e. the source code) was exposed for scrutiny and improvement before the software was put to use. If we can agree upon an internal "source code" in architecture, then architects could also open up their design for scrutiny before it comes up in the world.

Please consider joining this movement. I believe, this approach will help you in your own practices.

The project is explained here. It contains information on how to join the project and other relevant details.

There are NO costs involved.

Sabu Francis
Sabu Francis
An Open Source Movement in Architecture
An extremly interesting topic! The link you provided is worth a careful reading.

Being focused on codification of architectural knowledge and knowledge management in general, I'm interested in your work on fractal mathematical system that topologically represents architectural elements. Is there any online material related to your research in that field?

Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
An Open Source Movement in Architecture
Dear all,
I have always wondered why there is little interaction between how the IT industry and how architecture as a profession works.
It's great to see such things being discussed among architects and not only the software engineers who deal in architectural software.

Hats off to you, Sabu.

P Das
An Open Source Movement in Architecture
"The highest objective of this project is to develop a system of practising architecture so that it is more accurate, socially responsible and the intention is clear to everyone--even after the decision makers are long gone."

Sabu, salaam -

Excellent, excellent, excellent! At last, a truly contemporaneous approach to architecture as language - a means to more precisely approach social intent within the design process, the establishment of another true 'global language.'

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
An Open Source Movement in Architecture
Thanks for all the kind words. There is a lot of material on the fractal representation system that I discovered (around 1991). The design software was written around that system. If you download the software, you should be able to get all the documentation. Read the PDF file; though that is made for version 4.0, it should still be useful. There are also some HTML pages of some lectures that I had given. Once you install the software, go to the "Help" menu and you can access the "Readme" file. That explains the sequence of steps you may need to do to understand the system. Unfortunately, documentation is quite disorganized -- one of the key areas which I and others at TeamTAD would hopefully be working on.


Sabu Francis
Sabu Francis
An Open Source Movement in Architecture
I have made some more changes at which are the springing point in understanding this system. I would really appreciate if those who have responded here taking a look at it and letting me know whether the explanation at that website is sufficiently clear.

The reason is as follows: There seem to be many people who are interested in my work and I do not want them to go away disappointed.

Sabu Francis


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