Educational Design
Primary school design

I'm a fourth year student and I'm making a project report on primary schools. After describing all the building plans and drawings, I'm searching for some special points that I can add in my report to make it more interesting and impressive. Please guide me some points that I can add in my report on primary schools.
Yashi Tandon
Primary school design

You can point out certain spaces, like as per studies. Children like to have levels when they move from one point to another, so they get attracted to stairs or amphitheaters or hide out in spaces with niches. Maybe you can point out these things in your drawings other than showing the circulation and hierarchy of spaces.
Ranjini Manimudi
Primary school design
Hi Yashi,

Perhaps you can add a little section on design modifications that will make the school accessible to children with disabilities (such as ramps for children in wheelchairs, for example). Accessibility is something that all public schools should comply with in our day and age. Here's a website from which you can extract some guidelines specific to your report: Designing for the Physically Challenged in India although most of the materials assume that the disabled are elderly. The UK's School Accessibility page on the "Every Child Matters" website may be more helpful.

Accessible Design

-- Ozgur Basak Alkan, December 26, 2006
Primary school design
Hi Yashi,

Designing a primary school is to design the future generation, it's a crucial issue, it's to create a gate where our children are going to enter the future from!! Doesn't it sound inspiring?? You can start with this concept.

I am happy that you are looking for interesting and impressive features in the school you are designing, despite the motivation in getting high scores, I will consider that you are trying to improve the educational environment; and since impression is relative place to place, and what it might be interesting in one place/country may look old-fashioned in an other.

The bottom line is, if I were your professor, I would expect you to start with:

1- Tackling the current disadvantages in local primary schools, highlight them and make it clear how do they disaffect education; and believe me, if you were able by your design to solve one or two problems that directly/indirectly affect the education process, you are the best!

2- Add a prediction, based on solid reference of the future technology and engage it with the educational methods. This will make your professor happy!

3- Landscape; most of architecture schools students care more for internal spaces rather than the outer space design. Use your imagination to create interesting outdoor activities, and make it fun to go to school!

If you have more clarification don't hesitate to ask or to write on my e-mail address, since I don't log on here often.
-- Sumiya Magboub, December 26, 2006
Primary school design
Yashi, I think you can make your primary school more interactive by introducing artificial adventurous spaces exterior to your building block for small children so that it could also bring their attraction towards natural environs.
-- Sheikh Zuhaib, December 28, 2006


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