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A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
A Name For The Devil : Decorate Lavishly*
by Serdar Anlagan

Guilty of or involving betrayal or deception, having hidden or unpredictable dangers; to cheat.
Not decorated elaborate; simple or ordinary.
Without a pattern; in one colour.
Unmarked; without identification.
Easy to perceive or understand; clear.
Not using concealment or deception; frank!
Having no pretensions; not remarkable or special.
Not marked by any particular beauty ; ordinary looking.
Sheer, simple, flat!
Mourn, Lament!
Complain! To lament!

Flow with a swirling motion and bubbling sound : purl!
Nothing other than, completely; right, pure, clear: to swerve or change course quickly.
A song, piece or music or poem expressing grief or regret.
Mourn a person's death.
Give out a bright light; glow with reflected light.
Direct somewhere! Be bright with the expression or emotion.
Be clearly evident.
Such an assembly or congregation, bring together, abruptly diverge or cause to diverge from a straight course.
Such a change of course, a tendency to swerve imparted to a ball.
Depart, leave, turn aside!

A shrub rose of a variety with gray-green leaves and pinkish-white sweet scented flowers.
An old white garden rose.
An edible juicy fruit from South-East Asian plant: Dragon's Eye.
A quality or state of being different and diverse.
A thing which differs in some way from others of the same class; a type.
A subspecies or cultivar.
More than one; individual and separate.

Editio Cum Notis Variorum.

Prepare and use.
Raise or grow.
Grow or maintain.
Try to acquire or develop.
Try to win the friendship of favour of refined and well educated.

Live in or occur, in dwell.
An acrobat, especially a tightrope walker.
Bring into, attain or maintain a state of equilibrium.
Having all its sides of the same length, at equal distance.
Produce by making lines and marks on paper.
Trace or produce on a surface.
Pull or drag so as to make it fallow behind.
Pull or move in specified direction.
Pull shut or open.
Arrive at a specified stage or point in time.
Extract from a container or receptacle, obtain from a particular source, a current of cool air in a room or confined space.
A single act of drinking or inhaling, a quantity of a liquid with medicinal properties.
The depth of water needed to float a particular ship; her shallow draught.

A catch of fish!
Preliminary version of a piece of writing, a plan or sketch, a written order to pay a specified sum.
Select and bring them somewhere for a certain purpose.
An interpreter or guide in a country speaking Arabic, Turkish or Persian;
of little depth ; not showing, requiring or capable of serious thought:



A large number of people, a submerged sandbank visible at low water, become shallower.

The Holocaust!

A catastrophe!

Overturning, sudden turn; a branch of mathematics concerned with system displaying abrupt discontinuous change:
The theory that changes in the Earth's crust from sudden violent and unusual events; the action or fact.
Of uniting or being united, a state of harmony, agreement!

A workhouse must set up by such a group of parishes; the set that comprises all the elements contained in any of two or more given sets; a joint for couples.
The one; the theory that changes in the Earth's crust during the geological history have resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes.
Make or become united or uniform.

Performed by or affecting only one person or group; a team of horses arranged two abreast with one leading:
A single horn!
The smallest unit of local government in rural areas; sojourning, beside subsidiary dwelling.
The administrative body in civil parish; a vivid green toxic salt of copper and arsenic, used as a preservative pigment and insecticide.
A point which parts are joined; linked or become linked, connected to: unite!
Districts outside large urban areas, lying opposite, against ; a constant representing the strength of the interaction between a particle and all field.

To seal effectively with someone is difficult.
A blow with the fist!

To live in or at a place, to think, speak or write at length about, is a slight pause in the motion of a machine.
To remain in a place; a house used as a residence and not for business.
An unchanging situation.
A component of a relationship between variables that does not change its value.
A relation or property which remains the same in all circumstances or for the same substance under
the same conditions; stand, firm.
A copper-nickel alloy used in electrical work for its high resistance.
Established a constellation!
A group of associated people or things.
A star.
A star group!
Having an unyielding surface or structure, solidly in place and stable.
Having a steady power or strength.
Explicit and definite; in a resolute and determined manner.

An establishment for breeding,
or growing,
to use,
to fix,
to settle.

* This speech is performed at XXII. World Congress of Architecture (UIA 2005 Istanbul) at 7th July 2005.
Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly

Anthony Stewart
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
536. There is no religion higher than truth,
Neither is it merely in the phrase,
For whereas,
It hath been well said,
That the arch-flatterer,
Have intelligence,
Is a man's self,
Certainly the lover,
Is more,
I wow to free them,
The power of the faculty of attaining to,
Direct knowledge or cognition,
Without evident rational thought and inference,
To know thyself.
Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Serdar, Truth is not a religion. Truth is truth. Faith and Belief are truths.

"I walk alone on icy plain, for company the wind; Chill crystals drift and sparkle, a barren scene, no end." :)))
Frank John Snelling
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
The apprehension of innate ideas,
In mummer's plays,
An external form, appearance, or manner,
The Turkish knight,
Who sometimes has a black face,
By which,
The belief that,
All life,
Or even the whole universe living,
Or otherwise,
Taken as a whole,
Is equally valid and humanity is not the,
Center of the existence,
After the fact.

...Thank you for response Snelling :)
Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
What are we discussing here?
The Eternal Truth?
I still don't understand what is all this about?
Chitradeep Sengupta
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
298. So obvious or self-evident,
As to be hardly worth mentioning,
That any valid theory of the universe,
Must be consistent,
Existence of,
Carbon-based human beings,
At this particular time and place,
In the universe,
Something that is not known,
And on which,
A great deal depends,
From the time mentioned,
Until the present time,
Under consideration,
The mediocrity principle,
Is the notion in the,
Philosophy of science,
That there is nothing special about Earth,
And by implication the human race,
Would seem,
Just like putting a,
Full-sized tragic mask,
Upon an infant boy,
Combined with the,
Additional assumption that an,
Earth-like planet,
Is a prerequisite,
For the development of,
Advanced life,
This offers,
An explanation for current lack of evidence,
Of extraterrestrial civilizations.
Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Thanx Serdar Anlagan,
For coming down to my level of understanding.
Is it true that only 1.5% of genes separate humans from apes? (Or was that 15%)
Chitradeep Sengupta
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Art forms nature,
Given, felt, or done in return,
Of another piece,
Which has been discredited in its,
Absolute form,
The idea that,
The development of an organism,
Exactly mirrors,
The evolutionary development of the,
Spinal column,
A statue so lifelike,
That the hounds,
Thought it was,
Actaeon.'re welcome Chitradeep Sengupta.
Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Given that there are literally billions of galaxies (with billions of stars) in the universe. The notion that there is only sentient life on Planet Earth is Humano-centric. :)))
Frank John Snelling
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Abelmoschus moschatus,
Lying in the understanding,
Is often inherited genious,
Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,
But talent,
Instantly recognized genious,
In allusion to the smell of the seeds,
Not considered,
To be at risk in the wild,
Even use against venomous reptiles,
Men and other beings,
To opt for positive righteousness.

Serdar Anlagan
A Name For The Devil: Decorate Lavishly
Let's name the 'Devil',
Prior to which pronounce it first,
'The (De) Will'
Consider it was the Urdu speaking's problem
The problem of nondistinction between'V' and 'W'
Or consider it came out of the Nietzsche's mouth
'The (De) Will [to power]'
Congratulations! I pronounced the Devil

The Will of a Modern Man
The Will that has no room for unconscious
The Will that is so solid and positive
Oh God, save me from this devil of positivism!
Save me from this prison of Consciousness!
And Ibn e-Sina shakes his head
'What happened?'
'Shopenhauer went to India to study 'Maya'
'Brought what? The Will'
'Let's go back to 'Maya' again!'
'Let's start 'Dreaming'!'
'Let's take those dream to Ibn al-'Arabi and then to Uncle Freud'
'Let's overcome this Will from the prayers of Freud and interpretations of 'Arabi.
Irfan Sonawala

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