Historic Preservation
Historic preservation
They try to preserve historical buildings. Doesn't that destroy its historical value, since new building materials are added? Which is more important in preserving the building, the fact that it's still standing or the historical value its holding?
Amenah Jasem
Historic preservation
Dear Amenah
I think before starting preserving a monument we should evaluate for wich value the building became a monument. Values are about 5 main value:
Historical Value
Rarity Value
Architectural Value
Static and Structural Value
Social Value
via these values we can decide how our intervention. Each building is a case itself some of them have more than one value and few have more
The pyramids are having all the 5 values
if we preserving a mosque therefor its social value it should be able to continue its function conformably, in that case the original flooring are distroied and missing parts, so completing it will reduce the historical value of it but raise its social value. it is a kind of balancing between what is needed and what to preserve if not improving the main value of the monuments. I hope that I did explain it well
Tariq Al Murri


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