Sustainable Design
Green architecture
i am a graduating student. this school year, i will take my thesis. the theme of my thesis is all about green architecture. can you suggest any architectural problems regarding this topic? Thank you so much...
Jee Rose Calderon
Green architecture
actually in side the building and out side the building has specific can make them as green as possible,there can be series of courtyards to bring greenery as a binding element of design.every site condition has unique problems to be solved hence i suggest you to study the site you have in mind to work on as theses project.
Dushyant Nathwani
Green architecture
I suspect ur talking about Eco firendly architecture - often given the name "Green Architecture". There are plenty of issues to resolve in this field - namely how to incorporate a series of Best Practices that come naturally to architects when they design buildings. These practices can focus upon conceptualissues, design-layout of the buildging, material choise, impact of the building on environmental/community/urban resources and general energy consumption vs. economy. All these can be picked to give a direction for your research!
Mustafa Zafar
Green architecture
hi also is a member of uap-pasig chapter.....we'll the thing is maybe my suggestions would help you....
1-select the site....the more the flora & fauna the better,
check the area it is accessible or what?
2-give priority to environmental conservation....check with ecc-environmental certificate clearance in th vicinity
3-study your concept? theoretical or synthesis or hypothetical?
4-are you aware of your surroundings?
what do you see...then you can relate on your concept
5-it is really that important? try to search for articles...try going to phil. info. in q.c.
6-may i suggest you use solar power for your electrical consumption...check the company that now is installing solar panels in the southern region maybe thay can help...and use all natural means for your building....try reading bali design articles
7-the very big problem for you is can our economy today has the budget for your project?....we'll the answer is yes...if you give them the right answers....
8-try going to UP and go to the agricultural and natural resources dept.
9-maybe try also going to denr for research datas, namria for maps(inside fort bonofacio), and try asking people it will give you ideas more than you expected....
10-just defend it well'll see....because from your status as a student, you guys have the guts...oki doki....

and one more thing....i also have a thesis not exactly the same as's a marine life rehabilitation and research lab....
okay goodluck.....
Richard Lopez


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