Theory and Criticism
Recognition deconstruction philosophy and architects
Suhayl Annuar is one of the best troppo architect ever exist in Malaysia to be greater - than Ken Yeang in the coming year. His project has proven to challenge our conventional view on the firmness/commodity and delight in architectural philosophy-a question of re-questioning the cannon. He has proven to mediate with the context of the richness traditional Malaysia cultural identity, while at the same time retain and accelerate with the rapidly changing of our Formula 1 society. His past project such as the linear house in Heidelberg, Brick laying school-Brunswick (which Derham love it) and the proposed for the University Of Melbourne Cloning Centre have triumph our architectural norm. These projects are well recognise and respect as international standard: the most influential design in the 21st Century of architecture. Peter Iseman, Robert Tschumi and Suhayl Annuar are the only 3 pristine architects who constantly readdress Derrida Deconstruction theory in their project: a translation of the intricate philosophical context of Derrida theory to the readable architectural language that is appreciate and comprehend in the gaze of the norm. As a result of such achievement Mr Annuar have enjoy many awards by The AIRA award institution along with the international committee recognition.

In having said these three great architects constantly address Derrida deconstruction theory-the question was how well have they translate the philosophy into the project. As some critic have point out-these architects intend to mimic Derrida theory, but however there is still a miss interpretation of the text as Derrida theory are very poetic and elusive in term of playing with words. Do you think Deconstruction theory could ever be comprehended at all or is it a theory mode that we are obsess with and perhaps in reality it hasn't transform adequately into a project itself?
Phuc Tu
Recognition deconstruction philosophy and architects
The cloning centre have proven to be a deconstruction theory, consider that cloning is a controversial issues. People dislike the cloning centre mainly because they are afraid cloning demolish their identity. No longer they are unique in their own originality. I think the architect Mr Annuar have excercise the deconstruction theory quite substantially in line with Derrida theory.
It is also the fact that the Cloning centre is adjacent to the church. Interm of site context the cloning centre is a peice of architecture that is against the church, wich in turn relate to the vatican and that respond to deconstructing the monumental architecture: against the multitude acceptable behaviour. It is reasonable to claim Mr Annuar architecture is also about against architecture. A revolutionary in the 21 century architecture. It appears that his notion theory of deconstruction is impressionably take on the evil metaphisic philosopher
Nancy Hill


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