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Le Corbusier's Ternisien house
I need assistance with the Ternisien house by Le Corbusier. This house was destroyed in 1935, and for the rebuilding, only the ground plan remained. There are not many books which evoke this house.

Does anyone know something about it?
Kadira Jukic
Le Corbusier's Ternisien house
Dear Kadira,

I imagine that Le Corbusier's "Oeuvre complète" will have the project that you're researching. It has all of his projects, built or not. Here's the related (third) volume:

Oeuvre complète, 1934-1938, publié par Max Bill. Textes par Le Corbusier [pseud.]. Zürich, Éditions Girsberger, 1951 [c1945].
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Le Corbusier's Ternisien house
Kadira Jukic


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