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Site vs. location
Hi friends,

What do you think about difference between site and location? Site from "situs"and location from "lucas"...
Hamid Naserkhaki
Site vs. location
Dear Hamid,

Technically speaking, both have similar meanings. A place, positon, spot, setting, etc. Whatever you call it.

But when you refer to something that's situated at a particular place, you may call it "the site of the project" (assuming you are talking about building construction. Or at least we commonly use that specific word where I practice my profession).

And you may say "the location of the site", by which the "site" refers to the place where actual construction takes place, and "location" refers to the vicinity or the surroundings (including that site). Like the site is a part of the whole location or the neighborhood.

I have provided a simple sketch (low res).
Eda Louise Brasileño
Site vs. location
In architecture, location is a sub-set of site analysis. Therefore, the two may not be mutually exclusive. However, I personally differentiate between the two in the following manner.

Location would always be with reference to a larger context, say, within a city, location would be defined with respect to its specific position in the city or the surrounding context. Within a plot, the building could be 'located' along the south-east corner of the plot.

The site may or may not be contextual, but a substantive physical description of the plot itself. Say, such-and-such site is devoid of any vegetation, et al.
Hope you find this useful...
Shubhru Gupta
Site vs. location
Location is a point, whereas site is a plane that has boundaries.
Stephanie Nicol
Site vs. location
Hamid, English words and usage are often not precise.

"Site" is a general term for a place with known boundaries. Architects use "site" to mean the land area used for a design project. "Site" probably comes from the earlier and longer term "building site". Please note: English users tend to shorten words if they are in common and constant use.

"Location" which similarly means a place, is more associated with film-making usage. Where a location is the place where filming takes place. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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