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Thesis: Space Research Center
My probable thesis topic is "Space Research Centre and Laboratories", with a special emphasis on "energy and cost efficiency". I searched for a live project but did not find any, so I might have to generate all the requirements by myself. Does anybody know of any such project proposed anywhere?

I chose this topic because it would allow me to do research on incorporating the principles of sustainable architecture into a large-scale technical project. I am also very interested in astronomy and space research apart from architecture, so I already have some data on the requirements for an academic centre for space research.

What I'm missing is site selection criteria: can anyone help please? I would prefer the site to be in India but case studies (and the related requirements) can be from anywhere in the world.
Aparna Sathish
Thesis: Space Research Center
Dear Aparna,

You have to be clear about what exactly your centre would be. Would it be a centre for theoretical astrophysics? Or would it be an observational facility? If so - optical or radio observatory? Or is it going to be a centre for space exploration with satellites etc. to be launched? The requirements and site will depend on which of the above you choose.

Good luck! It is a very exciting area you have chosen. Now do some fine-tuning!
Srikumar Menon
Thesis: Space Research Center
Hello Aparna,

My opinion is that it's touching upon too many areas and you many not be able to finish it in the stipulated time. The topic of space research centre itself can be very elaborate. Try not to loose focus and decide what is close to your heart: sustainability or a technical project?

Another possibility is incorporating sustainability to a small-scale technical (if necessary) project. You are lucky that Mr. Srikumar Menon has noticed your topic. Space architecture and its related topics is his passion.

All the best.
Kiran Aryan
Thesis: Space Research Center
Thank you sirs.

Mr. Kiran Aryan, yes sir, I know that the area I have chosen is quite vast, so I am trying to narrow it down now.

Mr. Srikumar Menon, sir, I have narrowed it down to a Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics, sort of like IUCAA but with a little bit more emphasis on research. I also wanted to provide an observatory as a part of the campus.

I want the project to be a sort of mini-township with all emphasis on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness through appropriate architecture.

I have done a study on appropriate architecture with emphasis on incorporating principles of sustainability into the vernacular architecture for my dissertation work but my study area was limited to Kerala. So I guess that data will not be of much use if my site is elsewhere...

So any help that you can give will be highly appreciated....

At present my situation is that I have a lot of details but no site. Could you please help?
Aparna Sathish
Thesis: Space Research Center
Dear Aparna,

If it is a theory centre, you are lucky that it could, in principle, be anywhere... I mean it can be in a city, not necessarily in a remote region. But such townships are not likely to be very large. Have you been to IUCAA? The residential colony Akashganga will give you an idea about the scale. The choice of site is basically upto you now. Where do you stay? You could find a nearby site for convenience. You can email me (srikumar.menon AT for specific queries. Good Luck!
Srikumar Menon


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