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Is there any indigenious architecture?
In case of Karachi, where we have a Colonial past, the islamic belives and the globalized tradation, what kind of architecture termed as indigenious? How we find our identity in architecture?
Ahmed Ali
Is there any indigenious architecture?
every place had its own architectural charactaristics before the alien intrusions took place ( be it colonial/anything else)...a kind of architecture that evolves from the local soil, and depends completely on the local resources and materials , in my views, is indigenous...certainly its rare in urban/rural parts of southeast asia...yet u can find it existant in the remote tribal areas...i dont know abt ur country, but i can give u some case studies of india...u can surf the sites discussing the architecture of states like kerala, assam, kashmir where the local materials, techniques and climate play the most major role in the architecture.
some architects like charles correa have been able to incorporate the indigenous principles very successfully in the architecture of modern times, with modern techniques and erquirements...vidhan sabha, bhopal can be a good example to that.
P Das


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