Contact information of ArchNet members
I would like to know if there is a way of contacting any of the members of ArchNet individually, say through mail directed to them through ArchNet, regarding any query related to topics of their interest.

This is a problem that I as a student am facing. Their responses/inputs would really enrich our works as students.
Sneha Gurjar
Contact information of ArchNet members
One of the main aims of ArchNet was to connect people with similar interests in order to share knowledge and experience. Members' email addresses were open to other members by default.

A problem with spammers changed this dynamic, and we had to hide the email addresses of members. One thing we are considering, as a future upgrade, is adding member mailboxes to ArchNet.
Shiraz Allibhai
Contact information of ArchNet members
Thanks, I think it would be really helpful.
Sneha Gurjar
Contact information of ArchNet members
Salam all,
I am really so happy that Archnet is thinking about creating a member mailbox :) It's really a great idea!
Hend Ismail
Contact information of ArchNet members
salaam Archnet all:

I too support the concept of member chatboxes. I am awake writing at all hours, so having a morning chat in Jordan, England or India would add a new dimension to my otherwise dull, academic evenings on the 'west coast.'

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
Contact information of ArchNet members
I endorse the idea.

Still; that individual discussion on topics with blurred/absent visibility to the common forum could be fatal to the popularity, is something that concerns me. Archnet could probably find some innovative solution to this.

Also, contact sharing between members could be automated. Archnet could go for expansion in membership strictly through "member referral" as some other popular portals are doing. This will add both to internal visibility among members and protection from unwarranteed interventions by not-so-responsible members.

And a slight outtrack: the process of post-publish editing of content on the forum could really be standardized/automated. Archnet could go for a log of every change made by the user which could be visible to the members.


P Das


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