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Do away with zoos ?
Today, when we have great protected game and wild life reserves throughout the world, as well the modern technology of digital photography which has allowed us to preserve/protect and project wild life at far distances, can we do away with zoos in the world? These zoos are only where we are putting majestic wildlife in cages to entertain human beings.
Dushyant Nathwani
Do away with zoos ?
Dushyant, Zoos are moving towards the conservation of animal species rather than providing a freak show for people. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Do away with zoos ?
Zoos in many countries (U.S., China, for example) have become a refuge for endangered species in addition to their archaic (and controversial) function of displaying non-human animals.

We (planners, but architects as well) have the resources to design/plan our cities, towns, and villages in a way that does not eat away at wildlife habitat (I wonder if there is a plot of land on this earth that is truly 'wild' and that hasn't been touched and shaped by human activity).

If habitat loss continues at its current rate, then the only places we see wildlife may be the zoos.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Do away with zoos ?
I suggest that the 'abolition of zoos' in favor of protecting actual conservation areas for the protection of natural wildlife and ecosystems would be a most positive step toward rebalancing the planet in general. The idea of maintaining artifical environments should be supplanted by preserves where they were meant to exist - this will encourage eco-tourism as a more viable, less destructive industry all around the planet.

Please, come and visit, enjoy what Allah has provided - take what you have learned and go home!

Dushyant's suggestion is even more realistic - for we can all visit such wonderful places via the internet without doing unnecessary harm to natural preserves. Do no harm - isn't that the rule?
Anthony Stewart
Do away with zoos ?
We, the dominant species, have forgotten how to share space with other living organisms. It is rather shameful that even when we talk of more humane solutions like preserves, we have to have to link it up with some human activity like eco-tourism or 'game', only because it implies sustainability in human terms.

Please, let's leave other species alone and concentrate on the uplifting of our own brethren.
Shubhru Gupta


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