Conflict and Natural Disasters
Earthquake myths
I am collecting stories / myths from around the world about traditional beliefs and explanations as to why earthquakes happen.

I would be particularily interested to hear of such myths from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Turkmenistan and those areas. If you are able to point me in the direction of images for myths that would be great.

The purpose of this is to prepare a selection of slides for education about disaster preparedness with particular emphasis on earthquakes.

The series of presentations will be developed to talk about current understanding of plate tectonics and the principals of good earthquake engineering.
Kubilay Hicyilmaz
Earthquake myths
Kubilay, With a name like yours, you must be Turkish. :)))

Other than myths about earthquakes. Ancient China had a technological device for measuring the force and direction of earthquakes. You may have seen images of an openwork metal globe frame with balls in the mouths of dragons located on the eight cardinal points. When an earthquake happened some or all of the balls would be dropped.
Frank John Snelling
Earthquake myths
Hi Kubilay,

This is a great subject and it also got me curious so I did a web search.

The online Encyclopedia Mythica has a great story from Polynesia, of Ruau-Moko. That gave me the idea of searching with keywords including names of places that often have earthquakes, such as Japan, so when I googled "Japan earthquake mythology", I arrived at this great page on the U. Memphis Center for Earthquake Research Website that summarizes myths from different cultures.

Anyways, you get the idea. Search online in this manner and do let us know if you come across anything interesting!

Ozgur Basak Alkan


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