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Rat trap bond brick wall
Having learnt of this, I plan to build a house using this technology but I cannot find any details or technical instructions for building with this type of bond. The masons I will be using would definitely not have heard of this and may even be a little apprehensive.

If any knows where to get technical instructions or has any experience, please help. Thanks,
Namgay Dorji
Rat trap bond brick wall
Namgay, I am surprised that you cannot find anything about "rattrap bond" brickwork. This technique has been used in Britain for centuries, although I suspect it has been generally replaced by "butterfly (metal) ties" between double brick walls.
Frank John Snelling
Rat trap bond brick wall
Thanks Prashant & Frank.
Namgay Dorji
Rat trap bond brick wall
A booklet on small-scale technologies for construction from the United Nations Center for Human Settlements should give you all the details you need.

also see:

Nadim Khemir


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