Theory and Criticism
Deconstruction movement
What is deconstruction? Who started this and where did it all begin from? What are its basic principles? Does it involve any rules for the elements vis a vis angles of walls, openings,etc. Which are the best books for reference on this topic?
Salim Sharif
Deconstruction movement
ref. "Deconstration" a student guide by Academy Editions and "What is Deconstruction? " by Academy Editions isbn:0 85670 961 1
Ala' Irshaid
Deconstruction movement
Hello friend, for your topic, best answer would be to refer to Peter Eisenman's work or books. Best of luck.
Ngampey Yalama
Deconstruction movement
You can search for lectures and essays by (Jacques Derrida) textual works,also take in consideration architectural works of (Peter Eisenman, Frank O. Gehry, Zaha Hadid) that you can find it within architectural sites or in published books.
Ayman M. Abdo
Deconstruction movement
If u want to begin DECONSTRUCTION u have to take a start with a book known to to be DERRIDA FOR BEGINNERS, by that book u will know how deconstruction is applied on text by derrida, then u will be able to apply that information in architecture by making assumptions or wat ever, all the things he described in this book r inter related to each other, all u will know after that that there is no meaning exist to any thing........
Nauman Pervaiz


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