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Thesis: Institutes of art and architecture
I am doing a thesis on School of Art and Architecture and my main research is on the themes of construction of such institutes worldwide, especially where the cultures and arts are similar... I would like to know which case studies I can pick from India. I would appreciate if links are provided,
Amna Khan
Thesis: Institutes of art and architecture
Hi Amna,

First, justify 'what is art' by purely understand the specific theme and type of art that you are aiming at. Afterwards, define the kind of architectural vocabulary that you'd like to use for your design. There is a lot to gather and understand in art and architecture. One case study that you can look at from India is the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) in Ahmedabad.
Aamir Shaikh
Thesis: Institutes of art and architecture
There are many case studies that can be studied across our country. You can look at Shantiniketan model, also look at Kahn's buildings, thhe IIM in Ahmedabad.

Shirish Joshi
Shirish Joshi
Thesis: Institutes of art and architecture
You can have a look at Chandigarh college of architecture...its design is similar to the Govt. college of art, Chandigarh done by Corbusier. It'll be a good case study. And also a student from our college did her thesis on the same topic, her site was in Delhi, so she can be of some help too.
Rajat Malik


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