Interior Design
Countries with interior design industries
Which country do you think has gained a prestigious reputation for interior design industries?
Yg Hui
Countries with interior design industries
Italy? :)))
Frank John Snelling
Countries with interior design industries
I think IKEA concept has had a great impact in popularizing modern interiors... So, I would say Scandinavian countries have built a reputation for well-designed and quality interiors, in general.

Thinking, otherwise, of the 'ethnic decorative object' trade, one would have to say India or China.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Countries with interior design industries

If you consider the word design and a designer, as we may use it in general, I would say Italy.

Of course Ikea has a great impact by popularizing their products. Yet, the best of the Scandinavian design was done in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, either in furniture or glasswork or ceramics. They brought up a new elegance and functionality with very good quality.

Italy has done a revolution since then, starting with the Memphis group and in the 1980s with Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, Achille Castiglionne to name just a few. There is a continuity in the desire of the people to achieve new concepts of furniture, glassworks, lights etc, with very good quality.

And in Italy, there is also the possibility for a designer's dream to come true, easier then in other countries. That's why many want to work there. Think about all the people who have worked with Cappellini, with Cassina, with Bitossi...

Even if Ikea appeals to very good designers, some of their items and most of their furniture is *common* I would say. But it is true they are good in promoting and selling finished decorated rooms at a very good price.

As a regular contributor for the Italian Elle Décor, I would say, in Italy, design is *part of the Culture*.
Maria De Morais
Countries with interior design industries
Hi All,
Thanks for your comments. But I was wondering; for the example of Italy, fashion and fine art come to mind first.

For example, the [quantity and quality of] museums in Italy; this establishes that Italians recognize that art is always a part of their life. Don't you think so? Still, Italian architectural sites express much of the ancient (Roman) history of the area.
Yg Hui
Countries with interior design industries
I will say Pakistan..
What we see in industry is a complete concept of the product. The interior products have advanced accordingly in history of development and until fifties the world architecture/design/interiors was/were developing together and there was more variety before the western alliance really took a giant leap forward after the sixties as the world modernized a step further into casuals-ism . Most of the unique or extraordinary design we see are architects or interior designers living/using themselves .
In general a industrial move to project culture as a industry is hardly visible. Sweden has played a very encouraging role in the industrial modrenisation and also suffered from weak partnership of its international conglomerates that upset the us sponsored 'green revolution' to gain more from third worlds.
as far as a full and absolute modern interiors are concerned that aspectual-ly is a prêt a Porte industry to consider today . The course of living/life in the modern interiors itself has modernized and technologically balanced . Now even the platters on tables are showing decorated food on them.
Sher Saddozai
Countries with interior design industries
Once again, I have to say Frank is fully correct. He's right about best interior designer that come from Italy, or rooted in Italy. Have you seen/been in MetLife Building - Walter Gropius Lobby in New York? or Chome Building in Tokyo? If so, do you know who did the interiors for KPF? Was an Italian, Lui Galati. He also designed (and continue to) many private family houses and public building interiors in he USA, that you don't see on the magazines. Most probably his passion and special gift he has attracted many star-architects like Max Abramovitz in NYC, Pierre Koenig in California, and LLC firms to ask Galati to design interiors for their projects.
By the way, there is no absolute law to that. Galati's most famous word about design is: "I try to create an emozione"! he means a sense of intense involvement of soul/intelect/body/...into design and built environment. You know my words cannot express what you'd feel in such built-environment as he meant.
Mark White


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