Theory and Criticism
What is Minimalism? Why did it come into being called Minimalism? And how can it be differentiated from other 20th century movements or styles?
Karim El Kafrawi
I don't know if minimalism was ever a movement as such. Its influence has been getting stronger with every movement.The more evolved styles have it in larger proportions.
Dilip Sivaraman
Minimilism started out as Art movement. According to the Art Cyclopedia, Minimalism is a style of art in which objects are stripped down to their elemental, geometric form, and presented in an impersonal manner. It is an Abstract form of art which developed as a reaction against the subjective elements of Abstract Expressionism. Minimalist art frequently takes the form of installations or sculpture, for example with Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, and Sol LeWitt. However, there are also a number of minimalist painters, including Ellsworth Kelly, and Frank Stella

Minimalist art is characterized by impersonal austerity, plain geometric configurations, and industrially processed materials. Although not a defined movement or style, a number of American artists in the 1960s and 1970s reacted against the values that had been exalted by the previous generation of the Abstract Expressionists - self-expression, subjectivity, emotionalism, and gestural brushstrokes. Minimalism has been described as purely realistic because the subject is the painting itself.

Shiraz Allibhai
Minimalism sounds like a good start off point for Modern Islamic Architecture. "Impersonal austerity, plain geometric configurations, and industrially processed materials" is a perfect definition of what should be Modern Islamic Architecture. Sounds like the hallmarks of good design, Modern and Islamic.
Abdul Basit Mukri


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