Educational Design
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi guys !

I'm doing a thesis on an art centre for children. I've proposed it for the mill land in Mumbai which has been shut for the past 5 years.

The design aims at creating a meeting place for all children, a place to learn in terms of play, an experience throughout that induces you to learn,
learn as choice, as play, as fun. FUN is the word.

A place where the child can be with more children, interact, learn to with others, take part in activities like theatre, drama, painting, workshops, stories, movie screenings, etc.

The place will have to be designed for all the senses, thus generating curiosity in the child.

Curiosity will be the key step towards learning. Learning for knowing. Knowing for fun. Grasping from the environment, from what he experiences, differently, each time he comes there.

I would be glad to get opinions and help.

Gurmeet Akali
Thesis: Art centre for children
Educational Design
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hello Gurmeet,

I've gathered a couple of sites that might be of assistance to you. Also a few images not shown in the Huntington (Children's) Garden web site. I hope it's of use. Good luck to you.
Elizabeth Garrison
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi Gurmeet,

It's really good that you are designing an art centre for children. What I think apart from these all things is that you should incorporate spaces like museums in the layout. That would create interest in the design; apart from Boston, take the case study of National Bal Bhawan in New Delhi. That would be more beneficial for your thesis.

Also one more thing; I am also doing my thesis on this topic at Mumbai, i.e., "Arts and science centre for school children, Mumbai". It would be great to share information with you.

Vaibhav Vashisht
Thesis: Art centre for children

I just give a word to say that I feel that anything that could help children getting involved in artistic and cultural life is great! Then, your idea seems to be very interesting. I wanted to give you a link with another site. Maybe you heard about Gudran in Egypt. They have organised a village to develop artistic sense especially for children. MAybe this can bring new ideas on the ways to reach your goal...

Anne-Raphaelle Lathuiliere
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi Vaibhav,

I have already been to the Delhi Bal Bhavan and planning to see the Goa Bal Bhavan next week...great to know that you are working on a similar topic... would be great to discuss with you.
Gurmeet Akali
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi Gurmeet,

Your idea is great, even I'm thinking of taking up some project related to children's activities. I visited Bal Bhavan at Goa, Panjim just last month and I didn't find it worth to take up as case study, as it's not so great design-wise or activities-wise... I would rather suggest that you visit Nisha's Play School at Goa, designed by Gerrad. It's great to visit it. I'll give you the proper and add it later if you'd like.
Esha Doshi
Thesis: Art centre for children
Please check out anthropometric data for children of different age groups prepared by CBRI as a building research note. A useful resource priced dirt-cheap.
Srikumar Menon
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi Esha,

I visited Nisha's play school last month, and also met the architect Gerard Da Cunha, great work, was helpful.


Gurmeet Akali
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hi Gurmeet,
I read about your thesis topic and would like to ask you about the project in greater detail. Can I get your e-mail address so I can contact you.
Hira Qadeer
Thesis: Art centre for children
Hello Gurmeet;
children are very important issue in design. Most designers ignore in large goup of users when they design. I have been working in children issues for a long time and one site I suggest to visit is Also search on the web under the subject (Growing up in cities) you will find many good ideas on how to work with children to creat an affective design.

Eyyad, Ph.D.
Eyyad Al-Khalaileh
Thesis: Art centre for children
hi, Gurmeet Akali,
Thanks for chossing a good thesis project, i hope this become a good affort of u. I am a architect and i interested about ur project because I complite my graduation with a good thesis project, My project name was-"Dakkshindihi Rabindra Complex". my site located in khuna Bangladesh. In this project i work on Rabindranath Philosophy, here every functions are blend in nature, program in shortly- A art gallery, musiam, auditoriam, a primary school, three clustered faculty of a rabindra institute thah are music faculty, art/painting faculty and Dance faculty, also have in program- a library for children,student and resercer, two dormitory for girls and boys, one guest house and one open stage/amphitheater. Now a q. are u know Rabindranth Tagore, A great poit, novelist, educationalist, Painter and Song composer and writer in Bengali Language and he get nobel prize in 1913 in literature.
Now come to the point for preapering i study about rabindra literature, philosophy, child philosophy through nature and other aspcts. I hope i can give u some idea and suggesyions about ur project if u want. if u want pls sent me ur idea and priliminary design idea for helping u if u wish pls answer me.
Lastly i hope u do better in ur thesis project.

Ar. Alamgir
Mohd. Alamgir Hossain
Thesis: Art centre for children
assalamualaikum mr. alamgir,
i'm also doing a thesis involving first proposal was kind of children's art supervisor then suggest me to wider the scope that leading me to choose children's museum as my thesis proposal..the museum is intend to be a place that contain spaces like toy exhibition,festival park,dinosour park,planeterium,health & science,theatre,classes..etc..all this activity involve the children and their family..unfortunately,this topic was already chosen by my classmate based on first come first serve i think i need to stick to the previous topic which is children art centre..then i get the idea to widen the scope to art and science..maybe it will be a children's art & science museum/, what do you think..i'm running out of time right now..thanks..
Ima Imran
Thesis: Art centre for children
hi i am final year student did u work on this topic for thesis may i know how the jury responded??
Indrani Reddy
Thesis: Art centre for children
hi every1 i m doing my thesis on children museum......can any1 help me out for my case study and literature review....i basically want to create a place where children can have fun along with some indirect and informal learning....i would be glad to get ur suggestion and help...thanxs...
Preeti Jha
Thesis: Art centre for children
hello gurmeet and preeti,
i thing this is a little difficult and debatable toipc.actually its very difficult to satisfy your jury that your design give all the amenities and and hospitable environmentsto the children though i am giving you some tips hope it will helpfull for you----
1)first you categorize children's age group and placeyour amenities and recreation part. you can bring diff agegroup with alternative timing for using the area.
2)making interesting design or informal design as well as your building form.formal design or shape cant go with children mentality.
3)please restrict your building height with proportionate as per children usage..
4)you can create grand space or increase height in your museum type amenities.
5)categorize your active and passive passive area you can provide diff type of class rooms, practical rooms,clay modelling, colour house etc.
and you can provide all types of children play areas in active category.
there aso you have to give demarcation of noise, seminoise and quite zone so all children can do their respective learning activities and play alongside.
6)children are very much impatient so you have to place your activities such a way that children can go wherever and whenever. dont restrict them in a particular activities.
7)you can use redburn theory where the facilities are place along the central spine. so a child can feel or see the activities with his movement through a interesting corridor or pathway with informal childfriendly environment. or you can create a central space sarrounding with activities areas so child can visualize it and experperience the learning environment.
Mehebub Alam
Thesis: Art centre for children
hii gurmeet..i would be glad to have ur my thesis project is exactly as yours and now i need ur i went through the searches so i have got to see your discussion form .. plzz help me out .waiting for your response at
Architect Soomro


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