Educational Design
Designing an orphanage in Haiti
I am the director of a non-profit ministry, and we need help designing an orphanage for approximately 100 children in Haiti.
Carol Hawthorne
Designing an orphanage in Haiti

Haiti has a tropical climate, so any design should catch and channel all the available breezes to cool down both the people and the buildings. On the other hand, as Haiti is an island on the Caribbean, I assume that Haiti is in a seasonal hurricane prone zone.

A way to catch and channel winds (used by traditional wooden sailing ships), is to hang 'wind sails' to catch and funnel the breezes into buildings. In a hurricane these sails can be taken down. The use of wind funnels for buildings can be seen in the city of Yazd in Iran. And I have seen similar, but not so spectacular wind funnels, for both traditional and modern housing in Turkey.

Plus, traditionally, high ceilings in rooms helps with cooling and moving air. High humidity will probably be a problem, so anything to move and cool air will be beneficial for people.
Frank John Snelling


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