Historic Preservation
Historic preservation graduate programs

I am interested in doing postgraduate studies in historic preservation.

Can I get some help on which schools in English speaking countries offer what courses on the mentioned topic?
Thank you.
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Historic preservation graduate programs
Dear Yamini,

Did you look at the Academic Directory in the References section of the ArchNet Digital Library? There are a number of programs listed under Historic Preservation, although I'm not sure which ones offer studies in English at the 'postgraduate' level (do you need a masters, a doctorate or a post-doctoral program?)

Best of luck,
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Historic preservation graduate programs
Hi Yamini Deshmukh,

Karnataka University, Dharwad offers a postgraduate course in Archeology, in this they do cover 'historic preservation'.

For further details you may write to the registrar, Karnataka University, Dharward or Head of the Department of History, Dharwad University, Dharwad, Karnataka for more details and a prospectus.

Thanks and regards,
Azmathulla Shariff
Azmathulla Shariff
Historic preservation graduate programs
MS University at Vadodara as well as Pune University offers such a course.
Dushyant Nathwani
Historic preservation graduate programs
Dear Yamini,

The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, has a department of architectural conservation that offers a 2 year course, only for architects.
Shubhru Gupta


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