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Archaeological website development

If you have any idea on how to participate in creating an on line archaeology web site, I am open to any suggestions for making an interactive web site for all archaeological sites related to all civilisations...anyone can participate.
Mustapha Ouarezzamen
Archaeological website development

As you can well imagine, this is a huge undertaking. I'll be happy to contribute to certain elements of it. However, can you outline exactly how you see the website to be interactive?

A project of this size may require an overall editorial overseeing authority, plus different editorial boards for all various regions. This is not impossible, but a challenge. In principle I am ready to help out so long as this doesn't place huge demands on time.

I am quite closely involved with East Asian archaeology but, despite my cultural origin, I am not too closely focused on South Asian archaeology.

As a first step, may I suggest that you pull together what is already available on the web and launch a discussion on assessment of what is there and what is required. All the best,
Sajid Rizvi
Archaeological website development
Dear Bro. Mustapha Ouarezzamen,

Assalamu Alaikum

You may visit the site, here you will find email IDs and also the telephone contact nos. Please speak to Bro. Zakir, he has worked on a major historical website with much information related to archeological sites.

Azmathulla Shariff

Azmathulla Shariff


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